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Tips for Washing Your Car After it has been Painted

Washing your car

Whether you’ve done it yourself or paid for an auto body shop to do the job, anyone who has recently had their vehicle painted, will want to make sure that they don’t damage the car’s new paint. But you should still clean your car regularly to keep that paint job looking sparkling and shiny.

If we take a step back and look at the bigger picture, I am sure we can all agree that vehicles that have worn and uneven paint will look old and worn even if they are relatively new.  Similarly, a grubby and grimy vehicle will seem to look significantly older, even if it has been recently painted.

How and When to Clean Your Newly Painted Car

Generally, if car owners have had their vehicles repainted less than a couple of weeks ago, then they should not wash them yet. It’s best to wait around two-weeks before giving the paintwork a gentle wash.  Importantly, this should be done by hand, using quality valeting products and avoiding car washes or jet washed at all costs.

Don’t be tempted to skimp and use washing up liquid either! Some of the chemicals in many dish washing brands might be overly harsh on the car’s new paint.

There are plenty of different soap products which are made specifically for vehicles.  We would recommend going for a milder option for a freshly re-painted car in order to avoid damaging the paintwork.

You should also use water from a bucket (and not a hose pipe) and make sure the soap product is diluted.  It’s also important to avoid scrubbing the car too vigorously. Use, soft cleaning cloths rather than a brush or anything harsher which could damage the modified car’s appearance.

Ongoing Cleaning & Washing

Around two months after the paint job has been completed, then you can adopt a slightly more rigorous cleaning schedule (though we still recommend washing the car yourself rather than going to car wash – find out why here.

This is also a good time to have your car waxed, again using specialist valeting products from a reputable supplier like IPS Paint Supplies.  Don’t be fooled by cheap versions of car wax; you should also check the label to make sure it’s suitable for re-painted body work before applying the product (again with a soft cloth and not a brush).

More Tips on Re-painted Cars

We thought it would also be helpful to share with you our advice on when to get your car re-painted. Ideally, it’s best to have a re-paint job done in the milder weather.

We also recommend that you keep your vehicle in a covered area immediately following a re-paint as this will help to preserve the paint.  Ideally it should be kept in a garage or under a car port to protect the paintwork from the elements.  Failing that you could consider a cover which will have the same effect in terms of protecting the newly painted vehicle.

IPS Paint Supplies

These tips have been brought to you from the team at IPS Paint Supplies.  To find out more visit the valeting page on our website or call a member of our team on the number below for more advice:

Washing your car