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Why You Should Avoid Using a Car Wash

Car Wash

If you take pride in your car, it’s very tempting to keep the exterior sparkling clean by regularly using a petrol station – based car wash.  Now, these car washes are meant to be effective but are not necessarily gentle, with some using salt water to clean the vehicle.  And what three things don’t go together? Salt, water, and metal, as the end result will be rust.

There are also many hand car wash services popping up all over the place.  Though these services are usually fast and not too expensive, they tend to use cheaper products to clean vehicles, which isn’t necessarily a good thing!   You car may look clean and smell great, but how confident are you that it has been cleaned in a way which will protect the exterior when out the road.

Our recommendation is to invest in professional cleaning products made for quality cars. And we mean the products sold in specialist shops like IPS Paint Supplies rather than those you find on a supermarket shelf.

When purchasing these products, you should check the wording on the packaging to check that it won’t damage paint or, alternatively, a product that specifically says it protects paint jobs. If you can’t find the product you want on the shelf, ask a member of staff at the shop where you’re buying the products for their recommendation.

The Products You Should Buy

Along with a high-quality soap product, you will also need to invest in a conditioner and wax. Paint conditioners give an extra coating of minerals to the paint while waxing seals all the good in and keeps all the bad out.

After washing and conditioning, the way you apply your wax polish matters. Firstly, read the directions on the wax product you haver purchased. Each brand has slightly different instructions, so it’s not a one size fit all approach.

Once you’ve read the directions on your specific brand of wax, make sure your car is fully dry. The best thing  you can do is use a microfibre cloth to rub down the exterior of the car before you start to apply the wax.

Once the area is dry, apply the wax with the recommended material the label suggests, such as a classic buff wax.

Make sure you don’t miss the places where cars gather the most dirt, like around wheel terminals  and the bumper.

Choosing the Best Tyre Cleaner

Tyre cleaners tend to have more chemicals in them in order to get all that road gunk off. It’s best to try to find a non-acidic tyre cleaner if possible.  This is because when your tyres get wet and the product comes off, it can mist or splat particles of the tyre cleaner onto your paint, which could cause damage.

Protecting Your Clean Car

When you’re out on the road, your car is exposed to bugs, mud, dust, rain, grease – you name it. So, with this inevitable battering, when your vehicle is parked up at home, make sure it’s not exposed to bird dropping, plant residue or any other debris.  If you have a garage or car port, it’s always best to park your car there, particularly if it’s new or has just been re-painted.  Alternatively, you can invest in a canvas cover to protect your car from debris as well as the elements.

These covers may be a paint to put on or take off but it’s well worth the effort compared to the damage bird droppings can cause, particularly to a new paint job.

Don’t Forget the Interior

Keeping the interior of your car clean maintains a sense of pride. When there’s no junk or rubbish strewn around the seats, the idea of cleaning won’t seem so overwhelming.

It’s a good idea to keep a small rubbish bin in your car and make it a point to always take the rubbish out when get home.

Also, if you try to get a bike or a couch in the back of a car and it’s a squeeze, you’re likely to scratch some paint on your way in.  It’s a far better idea to borrow someone’s van or, if necessary, hire one for the day.  It will actually be a cost saving in the long run.

IPS Paint Supplies

As mentioned,  IPS Paint Supplies offers a complete range of cleaning and valeting products which we sell to trade customers as well as to the public from our shop in Llansamlet.

Find out more about these products here or call us today on the number below to find out more:

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