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Additional Applications for Automotive Paint

Great news!!! Did you know that you can use many types of automotive paint on wood furniture? Though it’s technically designed for cars and motorcycles, automotive paint also works really well on other surfaces, creating a  high gloss, durable finish.

Safety Considerations

If you do plan to use automotive paint on your furniture, you should do so in a well-ventilated area.

It’s probably best not to paint kitchen or bathroom cabinets or other items of furniture in situ, but to move them to a garage or shed or, even better, paint them outdoors.  They should also be allowed to dry fully before they are re-installed.  It’s also important not to use automotive paint in the vicinity of children or pets.

To protect your skin, you should wear gloves as well as safety glasses to protect your eyes.

How to Use Automotive Paint on Wood

If you are planning to use automotive paint on plywood or real wood cabinets, you should be aware that it has a runnier consistency than many other types of paint intended for use in the home. So you will need to apply several thin coats of paint to your cabinets in order to obtain the coverage you would with traditional interior wall paints. On the plus side, once applied, the finish is an attractive hi-gloss.

Before you get started with painting, you should sand your cabinets with a rough sandpaper to remove some of the finish and create a better surface for the paint to grip. When you have finished, wipe down the cabinets to remove dust and grime, before applying the paint.

It’s also a good idea to tape off the edges of your cabinets with painter’s tape which should be removed  shortly after paint is applied to avoid tearing the paint.

The Application of Automotive Paint onto Cabinets

Ideally, you should use a primer on your cabinets to prepare them for the paint. An oil-based primer is a good option as it adheres well to laminates and other surfaces that are slightly glossy.

Apply automotive paint in thin coats over your cabinet doors, taking care to smooth brush strokes as you go. Since this paint is so thin, bristle marks and other imperfections will be very noticeable. You should allow plenty of time for paint to dry in between each coat. Refer to the manufacturer instructions for details, but, ideally, paint should have at least three hours of dry time.

Once you feel your paint job has achieved the look you prefer, and all paint is dry, clean up your workstation and remount the cabinets. Wipe down the finished cabinets with a wet cloth to remove any paint flakes or debris.

IPS Paint Supplies Clients

IPS Paints are currently used for a range of applications including industrial and commercial buildings and, more recently, contractors have been using some of our paint ranges for domestic products too.

Local company, South Wales Kitchens – who offer a kitchen refurbishment service – transformed one of their customer’s kitchens by revamping the original units and doors. using Mipa PMI 2K Paint.  The end result was a complete transformation of the kitchen by using modern day colours and themes.

Read more about this project here.