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Revamp Your Kitchen Cabinets with a Fresh Coat of Paint

When you think of Independent Paint Supplies, you probably associate us with car paints and associated products.  As a matter of fact, our paints are actually used for a range of other applications including industrial and commercial buildings and, more recently, contractors have been using some of our paint ranges for domestic products too.

Local company, South Wales Kitchens – who offer a kitchen refurbishment service – recently transformed one of their customer’s kitchens by revamping the original units and doors. using Mipa PMI 2K Paint from IPS Paint Supplies.  The end result was a complete transformation of the kitchen by using modern day colours and themes ( as pictured above).

Another company which has opted to use IPS Paint Supplies is Matthews Spray Painting from Aberdare.  They not only use a selection of paints when refurbishing kitchen cabinets, but also use a range of  other consumables that we supply including masking tape, nasking paper, Mirka scotch pads and polymaska to prepare each job to the highest standard (see below):

Kitchen Painting Tips from IPS Paint Supplies

Looking at the fantastic results achieved by South Wales Kitchens, we thought we’d share with you some kitchen painting tips to take into consideration before embarking on this project yourself or using the services of a contractor.

When it comes to choosing a colour for your kitchen cabinets, first you need to take into account other areas of the kitchen and, of course, the overall look you are after.  For example, do you want a light and airy or dark and dramatic finish.  Most kitchens tend to lighter in colour (whites, creams or light greys for example) as these colours can make even the smallest of kitchens look bright and airy.  If you are looking for lighter look, then soft blues and greens can also work and they can also bring an added contrast to your worktops or floor tiles for example.

If it’s a bold and striking look that you’re after, then why not paint your cabinets black or a very dark blue or brown.  Alternatively, to make a real statement, you can combine two contrasting colours such as light and dark greys or blues.

We would advise you to always test out your chosen colour schemes before repainting all the cabinets as the colour on the tin may look different once painted onto a surface.

You also need to take into account what finish you are looking for.  There are multiple choices of paint finishes available ranging from matt and eggshell to satin and gloss. Matt or eggshell finishes can create a more rustic feel that may work well in a country cottage kitchen.  It’s worth noting though that a matt finish can be more difficult to wipe down and may be more likely to chip.

Satin, semi-gloss or gloss paints are a good choice for kitchen cabinets as they’re generally far easier to wipe down, more resistant to grease and cooking fumes, and less prone to chipping or scratching.

Kitchen Paints from IPS Paint Supplies

As mentioned previously, our range of paint products such as Mipa (PMI) and HMG paints are available for a vast range of applications, including kitchen cabinets in a domestic setting.  To find out more call a member of our team today on the number below: