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Valeting Products for a Complete Vehicle Range


The amount of money that people spend on their cars is often linked to the state of the economy. At times when the economy is strong people have more money to spend on things like keeping their car spotless – and they’re more inclined to pay someone else to do it than to do it themselves. They also change their cars more frequently, and people often valet their car just before they sell it or just after they buy it. The motor industry tends to be busiest when the economy is strong too, meaning that there’s more work for valeting companies from business customers like car dealers.

Developments in the Valeting Sector

Developments in ‘SMART’ repairs (small to medium area repair techniques) offer valeting companies the opportunity to expand their range of services to include minor cosmetic repairs. Minor damage such as chipped paintwork, small windscreen cracks, bumper scuffs, dashboard and upholstery damage can be repaired quickly and effectively without the need for replacement parts. Portable equipment is used, so repairs can be carried out from a van or small workshop. Tools, materials and initial training are needed, but the market for SMART repairs is growing and this can be a valuable addition to a valeting firm’s range of services.

It’s for this reason, that the team at Independent Paint Supplies now offers a range of valeting products to meet the growing demand by the motor industry.

Also, during the recent pandemic, more car owners have been taking greater care of their own cars whilst valeting services were closed.  As a result, we have been selling an increased number of valeting products to members of the public in addition to our commercial customers.

IPS Paints’ Range of Valeting Products

In addition to being a local supplier of Nielsen’s Chemicals, we also stock a huge range of Roar Polishing Products, one of the largest and fastest growing brands in the valeting industry.

Our valeting products range from shampoos and waxes, wheel, tyre and window cleaners, tar and glue removers along with  applicators, compounds, glazes, wipes and many other ancillaries that our customers need to keep their  vehicle shining bright.

So, if you’re pressure washing a truck, preparing a car for the showroom or simply looking for top quality valeting products for use on your own vehicle,  we have the products for you.

Visit our website for full details https://www.ipspaint.co.uk/valeting/ or call a member of out team on the number below: