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Seven Ways to Keep the Shine on Your Vehicle

Keeping your vehicle clean on a regular basis is the best way to protect it from dust, dirt and grime, etc. The problem is, simply cleaning your car, van or motorbike will not achieve a consistent showroom shine.

If your aim is to ensure that your pride and joy always looks like new then you will need to upgrade both your washing techniques and the cleaning products which you use.  Not sure where to start? Check out these seven ways to keep the shine on your vehicle courtesy of the team at IPS Paint Supplies.

Seven Tips to Sparkle & Shine

There are many products available in the market that can be used to ensure the sparkle and shine on your vehicle but for the best result you should invest in leading brand products, like car care products from Roar, including our Roar 730 Speed Gloss which gives a long lasting high gloss finish.

Tip 1 – Car Shampoo: You should always look for products which are specially formulated to guarantee a clean finish while restoring the paint to its original gloss. Pour a small amount of shampoo in a bucket of water, and rinse a piece of car-cleaning sponge and scrub the car by working up a rich leather. When this is done, simply wash the shampoo away with clean water.

Tip 2 – Tyre Shine Spray: Many people don’t place much importance to the shine of their tyres. But just like they say that a person’s personality is defined by the shoes he wears; similarly, a car’s appearance is incomplete without making its tyres shine.

Tip 3 – Dashboard Shiner: Clean and sparkling interiors are equally important. Specialist dashboard cleaner will bring your dashboard up to scratch with precision leaving behind a brilliant shine.

Tip 4- Glass Cleaner: Clean mirrors will complete the look of a car – and they should be kept free of debris and grime for safety reasons too. That’s why you should clean these as often as possible with specialist cleaning products, preferably those which contain anti-glare properties too.

Tip 5 – Screen Wash: Your windscreen should also remain spotless so the driver can see out clearly at all times.  When it comes to screen wash, look for a concentrated liquid blend that can be easily added to the car’s windscreen washer bottle to offer a streak-free surface.

Tip 6 – Car Polish: Give the final touch of a glossy finish to your car and complete protection to its paintwork by using a liquid car polish. This time look for a brand that includes a blend of quality waxes and high-tech silicones.

Tip 7 – Car Wax: Investing in car wax will not only add that final level of shine to your vehicle but will also offer additional protection from damage such as scratches and scuffs.  A was layer will also prevent dust and dirt from sticking to the vehicle’s surface.

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