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Keeping Your Car Paint in Perfect Condition

One of the best ways to keep your car looking cared for and good as new is to take care of its paint. Nothing ages a car quite like worn paint. So when you keep it looking sparkling and clean, it’s like having a new car.

IPS Paint Supplies, with branches in Cardiff and Swansea, offer a range of products which will help you maintain the image of your car.  We’ve also come up with some invaluable car maintenance tips which will ensure your car paint remains gleaming and intact for years to come.

IPS Car Paint Maintenance Tips

Knowing how to keep new car paint looking like new doesn’t have to be onerous, and it can make a huge difference in terms of aesthetic and appearance. It all comes down to knowing what to do.

Here are our top tips designed to make this task a pleasure rather than a chore!

  • Wash Your Car Regularly: this may seem obvious but it’s very easy to let more and more time go between car washes as our lives get busier. Regular washing will keep your paint pristine and also give you an opportunity to see if there are any dents or scratches which may need dealing with.
  • Avoid Car Washes: though you need to wash the dirt and grime off your car to prevent paint damage, it’s always best to wash your car by hand to avoid any further damage. Car washes can be hard on paint and can cause damage through rough brushes and sprays.
  • Dry Your Car Well: letting your car dry naturally after washing can lead to paint damage, especially during hot weather when the water will dry more quickly, leaving water spots. What’s more, when water does evaporate off your car, it leaves minerals behind that can wear and scratch your paint. It’s best to dry off your car with a soft towel to get rid of excess water.
  • Get the Wax On: Waxing your car after washing helps keep debris off the surface and out of your paint. It also makes your car really smooth and shiny. You should hand wax every three months or at least twice a year using a wash mitt and microfiber towel and high-quality wax.
  • Take Care When Parking: the last thing you want after washing and waxing your car is for debris or blotches to drop on it. You can help keep your car looking clean and fresh by parking carefully, avoiding trees or high buildings where birds gather.  If possible, always park under cover in a garage or car port or, if this isn’t possible, invest in a cover for your car to protect it from the elements.

IPS Paint Supplies

At IPS Paints we stock a huge range of top quality valeting products from leading brands.  These are available to purchase from our branches in Cardiff and Swansea.  To find out more click here  or call us today on:

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