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Getting the Best Results when Valeting your Car

It’s something most car owners put off but valeting your vehicle on a regular basis is the best way to keep it looking good (particularly if one day you are planning to sell it on).   The reason this is not a welcome task is because it’s not easy to valet a car well.

At IPS Paint Supplies we sell a complete range of valeting products and our specialist team has come up with these tips to help you to get the best results as easily and efficiently as possible.  They will also help you choose which valeting products are essential for this process so you’re not put off by the extensive choice available.

It’s also worth noting that there’s no better way to keep a close eye on the condition of your vehicle than a thorough hand wash, allowing you to achieve a much ‘deeper’ clean than you’ll ever get from a carwash.

Car Shampoo, Wax and Polish

To keep your car in tip top condition, you will need more than a bucket and sponge.  Ideally you should invest in a top quality car shampoo, waxing product and a finishing polish to keep paintwork, trim, interiors, and wheels and tyres looking their best.

IPS Paint Supplies stocks a complete range of these products, all available from our shop in Llansamlet, including brands such as Roar including their 811 Wash & Gloss – Car Wash Soap.  Our team can also give you advice on which products are best for your specific needs.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Most people wait for the warmer Spring and Summer weather before attempting to clean and valet their care.   There is the obvious advantage that if it’s warm, then you need to clean the bodywork faster as it will dry quicker.  But you should avoid cleaning your car in direct sunlight and excessively warm weather as this can affect the way the chemical you are using react on the surface.

Remove Dirt before Washing

Also known as a pre-wash, ensuring you remove as much dirt as possible before you start shampooing and waxing your car is very important.  This is to make sure that nothing gets dragged along the paint.

If you don’t have access to a pressure washer or similar equipment, then you should spray the car with a pre-wash cleaner.  These products tend to include citrus oils which help to remove dirt and grime from the bodywork.  Once you have sprayed the paintwork, you should then rinse the cleaner off with clean water.

And if you do have a pressure washer to use for this process, then make sure you don’t stand too close to the vehicle as you may cause damage to the paintwork.

Use Several Buckets

You should use at least two different buckets when you are planning to hand wash your car.  One of these should contain a washing solution and the other should just be filled with clean water to rinse off the solution.  It’s also a good idea to place a grit guard on the top rim of each bucket to catch any stray dirt particles.

We also recommend using a wash mitt which is designed specifically to remove the dirt and grime off the bodywork without damaging the paint.  Move the mitt in straight, not circular, motions and wash it frequently whilst you are cleaning your car to prevent the build-up of dirt particles.

Drying your Vehicle

Some people will wash their car and then drive it in order to dry it off. However this is not a good idea as it can create streaks on the paintwork.  Instead, use a blower or, for a cheaper option, a microfibre cloth which will wipe away excess water and droplets without leaving streaks or marks.

Cleaning the Inside of Your Car

Be wary of using silicone-based sprays on the interior of your car.  They may give the inside components of the vehicle a shiny finish but they can also make them slippery, which is not good on pedals and gears for example.

There are multiple valeting products available to clean the interior of your car which are specially designed for this purpose.  If you don’t have these products available, standard household cleaning products will do the trick, though avoid those which include bleach or other strong detergents as these can damage your interior paintwork and upholstery.

A small car vacuum is great for getting into those nooks and crannies where your hands can’t reach and, if you do need to clean the upholstery, be sure to use one which has been developed for cars (as the fabric is different to that of your sofa or chairs).

IPS Paint Supplies

We trust you found these tips helpful and don’t forget to call into our depot at St John’s Court, Upper Fforest Way, Llansamlet, where our friendly team will be on hand to give you advice.