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Car Valeting Tips from the Experts at IPS Paint Supplies


At our shop in Llansamlet, we welcome many customers who, when they come in purchase car valeting products, ask our team a number of questions.  So we thought it would be helpful to answer some of these here.

Question 1 – Should I Power Wash my Car?

When it comes to using a pressure washer on your car, you should always check the settings before you start. Most top brands of pressure washers will have special settings which are suitable for cars and we strongly advise, if you are going to pressure wash your car, then you invest in a machine which has the appropriate settings.

You should also take care when using a pressure washer on trim or fabric hoods.  These items can be a bit flimsy and so can be easily damaged if you are not careful.

Whether you use a pressure washer, hose pipe or a bucket and water,  it’s important always to dry your vehicle after rinsing the soap away. This will stop water marks drying onto the car’s surface.

A microfiber cloth is ideal for drying off excess water as they are soft, absorbent and so won’t damage the paint work.

Question 2 – Is Waxing my Car Essential?

If you really want to take care of your vehicle’s paintwork, then waxing it after washing will keep it shiny and gleaming as well as protecting the surface from the elements.

In short, car wax gives your paintwork a protective layer on top of the existing finish.  You can also use quick detailing sprays to enhance shine.

Questions 3- How Can I Stop my Car from Rusting?

Here’s a quick tip – if you detect even the slightest indication of rust on your car, then you should remove particles of loose paint with a dry cloth and then use white grease onto the rusty area.  This grease will prevent the car from corroding.

If the rust persists, we highly recommend taking your vehicle to a professional body shop as they have the knowledge, experience, equipment and products to deal with the issue in the most effective way.

Question 4 – How Can I Remove Water Marks?

As mentioned previously, you should always dry your car after washing to avoid having water marks.

Water marks are unsightly, ruining the appearance of any freshly washed car. The good news is that they are relatively easy to remove.  If water marks do remain after you have dried your car with a microfibre cloth, then simply dampen the cloth very slightly and rub them away.

If this doesn’t work, then you should use a detailing spray along with a microfibre cloth, to remove more stubborn water marks.

You can also use a microfibre cloth with a good interior detailing spray to remove marks on the dashboard and plastic trims on the inside of your care.

Question 5 – How Can I Remove Minor Scratches?

Along with bumps and scrapes, the UK weather can also cause minor marks and scratches to the outside of your car.  Similarly, if you don’t wash your car properly, this too can cause shallow scratch marks.  One way to fix these is to use a machine polisher along with appropriate car polish.

However, in general, it may be more cost efficient (and definitely more effective) to get these minor scratches treated in a professional autobody.

Question 6 – Where Can I Get the Best Products for Valeting My Car?

IPS Paint Supplies is a leading provider an extensive range of valeting products for all applications including top brands such as Nielsens Chemicals as well as  Roar and Farecla compounds and polishes.

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