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Car Care Tips from IPS Paint Supplies

We all tend to neglect our cars during the miserable winter months as the elements just seem to keep on splashing the paintwork and we continually drag mud into our vehicles too. But now that Spring is in the air and as well as cleaning our homes, many people also take this finer weather to Spring clean their cars too.

If this sounds like you, then check out these car care tips from the team at IPS Paint Supplies and you will have a sparkling, gleaming vehicle, inside and out, to be the envy of your neighbours.

#Tip 1 – Give Your Car A Good Wash

During winter, the build-up of muck and salt can be detrimental to your car’s paint work. Leaving this debris on the surface can have leave nasty marks –  even rainwater can collect pollutants and contaminants from the air causing even more damage.

A good wash using car valeting products which are designed specifically for cleaning auto-paint will  keep your car looking fresh. The most important thing when it comes to cleaning your car is thoroughness. Leave no nook or cranny unwashed and make sure you get into those panel gaps. Once you’ve washed the vehicle (with a pressure washer or a bucket of water), use a microfibre cloth handy dry it off, not a towel which will leave specks of fluff on your gleaming paint work.

#Tip 2 – Wash the Underside of your Vehicle

While the exterior is what you should be most concerned about, it’s crucial to give every surface a healthy dose of cleaning. The wheel arches are one example. This is where a lot of  mud and dirt from your driving will collect.  You should also clean the areas around and under your grille, exhaust and bumpers for example as debris can build up slowly in these areas.

For example, dead leaves and twigs can get stuck in the void by your wipers, while driving through a leafy lane might see foliage collect around your front grille. Again, by cleaning away this debris will prevent build and prevent further damage as you try to clear this away.

#Tip 3 – Dry Your Car Properly

Whether you’ve just washed your car or not, you should never wipe something off when your car is bone dry.  If ever you find bits of dirt stuck on your paint, always wash it off with water and soap first. If you’re just using your fingers to brush it away, you’re basically rubbing all those abrasive particles onto your paint.

This is another reason why you should keep a microfibre cloth handy as they are made up of tiny fibres make it easier to catch every single tiny piece of dirt. Try to avoid air-drying your car. If you let it air dry naturally, there could still be some particles left in the water and once it evaporates, contaminants remain. Over time, these contaminants could start eating away at your car’s paint.

#Tip 4 – Clean those Wheels

The wheels tend to be overlooked when it comes to cleaning as they are usually the grubbiest areas after miles of driving.  Dirt on your wheels can also come from brake dust because as you brake, it naturally releases a fine mist of metallic or iron dust, as you keep grinding down on the brake pads.

This is normal, but leftover brake dust can do horrendous things to the finishing of your wheels. That’s why a special wheel cleaning concentrate should be used as it helps to dissolve the dust and remove it from your wheels without any abrasion or corrosion.

#Tip 5 – Clean Up Your Wind Screen and Lights

Throwing a bucket of soapy water and wiping it down will get your windshield cleaning job done. But what if you could take it up a notch? There’s a huge choice of window washing solutions on the market that have water repellent properties which will stop droplets from forming on your windshield, which in turn helps to improve visibility.

While you’re at it, it’s worthwhile spending some time cleaning your headlights too. They can yellow and get hazy over time, could be dangerous.

#Tip 6 – Touch Up Your Car’s Paint

While the paint finishing in a modern vehicle is highly complex, it’s still vulnerable when it comes to loose debris, grit, stone chips, and the countless little objects that fly into your car while you’re driving.  This, combined with the risk of people scratching and scuffing their shopping trolleys or doors onto your car’s lovely body, may mean it’s time for a new paint job.

If there are quite a few chips and dents, it’s a good idea to take your car to a specialist, auto paint shop to get the repairs done properly.  However, if you do want to do this yourself, a paint touch-up with a properly matched auto paint can make your car look showroom fresh.

#Tip 7 – Get the Vacuum Out

You’d be surprised as to how many people don’t keep their interior clean. This is despite the fact that most of your time around your car will be spent in it. Yet, there can often be large deposits of dirt or sand from your shoe that end up buried into your carpets. That’s not to mention all the other rubbish that you haven’t thrown out… Tissues, parking tickets, coffee cups, etc…

Your car isn’t a landfill, so why treat it like one? Keep a vacuum handy to clean out your floor mats. But do so from the top down. Your headliner, for example, can do with some vacuuming from all the loose hairs that can get stuck up there. The seats, as well, will have hairs, dead skins, or dust.

Once you’ve hoovered, there are many valeting products designed specifically for car interiors which will make your dashboard, arm rests, door trays, steering wheel and other internal elements clean and smelling fresh. For a finishing touch, add an air freshener or diffuser to maintain a lovely smell when the cleaning is complete.

#Tip 8 – Visit IPS Paint Supplies

IPS Paint Supplies stocks a huge range of valeting products for both trade and public customers.  Pop into our shop in St John’s Court in Llansamlet and our team of specialists will be on hand to help.