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Staying Safe & Socially Distanced Following a Car Accident

We may be in another lockdown, but there still seems to be more cars on the roads than during the earlier months of the pandemic.  That, combined with the cold and icy weather were are currently experiencing, is a recipe for a potential car accident.  And with the new Coronavirus strain having a huge impact in terms of the number of new cases, there is an increased risk of drivers potentially contracting the virus following an accident. So what should you do if you are involved in a collision or any other type of vehicle accident?  Here are some tips from the team at IPS Paints to help keep you safe and stay socially distanced as well some measures you will need to take to get your vehicle assessed and repaired.

Before Setting Off

Even in times when there is no pandemic, in winter you need to keep specific items in your car in case of an accident or breakdown.  These include warmer clothes, blankets, ice scrapers and, if possible, a hot drink in a flask and some easy-to-eat snacks.   It’s also a good idea to make sure your tyres are fully inflated with a good tread and that you have more than sufficient petrol for your journey and back.

Social Distancing Measures

If you are involved in a car accident, make sure that the road surface and area around your vehicle is safe before getting out of your car.  And, as always, you should always call 911 if anyone is injured.

If other vehicles are involved in the accident, then maintain a social distance of two metres from other drivers, occupants of the vehicles and any first responders such as police or paramedics who may arrive at the scene.   If you have one to hand, you should also put on a face mask and ask other driver(s) to do the same.

To capture other drivers’ insurance details, ask them to position their driving licence or other proof of identity on a flat surface, then get them to stand away whilst you take a photo of the document.  Then do the same with yours, enabling them to take a photo as required.

Getting Your Car Repaired

To minimise social contact, when you contact your insurance company, you should ask if they will accept digital photographic proof of the accident (rather than sending out an assessor or you having to take the car to a designated garage for an estimate).

Ideally, if your insurance policy covers it, you should also ask if they can collect your vehicle for repair.  If not, then  before taking your car to the auto repair shop, ask them in advance what safety measures they have in place.

They should have a policy of limited numbers in their reception area, mandatory wearing of face masks indoors, hand sanitiser at the entrance etc..  In short, very much like going into a shop of any kind.  If you do need to interact with an employee at the garage, then maintain a 2 metre distance at all times.

Use hand sanitiser when you both enter and leave the premises and prior to handing your keys over, give them a wipe with a cloth (and ask them to do the same when they hand them back).   When you get into your repaired car, as an additional safety precaution, wipe door handles, gear stick. Steering wheel and any other frequently touched points with a sanitised cloth just in case the employee who has worked on the vehicle hasn’t done so.

IPS Paints

We trust you found this information helpful during these very difficult and unprecedented times.

You could of course, in the light of a minor accident, carry out any superficial paint repairs yourself.  If this is the case, IPS Paint supplies is open Mondays to Fridays at our depot on Fforest Way in Llansamlet.  All social distancing measures and regulations are in place; and our experienced team (adorned with masks) will be able to give you any advice or guidance you need.

To find our more visit www.ipspaint.co.uk or call us today on the number below:


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