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Specialist Marine Paints from IPS Paint Supplies

Ferries, boats, ships, other water vehicles, as well as other structures like oil rigs, that are generally exposed to water need specialist, waterproof marine paints or marine coatings. These special paints, as supplied by IPS Paint Supplies, give these structures protective layers against all types of water, preventing rust and corrosion.

Similar to other types of paints, marine coatings have base coats, clear coats, and topcoats. We also supply various primers, paints, stains, and varnishes that are specially made for watercraft and marine structures as well as surface sealants which are completely waterproof.

That said, marine paint is different from other paints due to its chemical properties and performance. Options include epoxy sealers and primers, wood finishing products, anti-fouling coatings, and epoxy fairing compounds. Anti-fouling coatings are particularly important as they protect ships from organisms that can hinder their performance, while epoxy fairing compounds works like a filler to create a smooth surface free from holes and bumps.

The key ingredients of marine paints include binder or polymer, pigment, extender, and solvent. The binder and the pigment form the film that you see when the paint dries. The solvents ensure that the paint is in the right consistency to make it easy to apply and are available in high-gloss, semi-gloss, satin and flat finishes.

Benefits of Marine Paints

Shipping is just one of the many industries that rely on the protection of marine paints. Marine paints not only give water vessels colour and identity but they also offer protection by sealing the ship’s surface and shielding the marine vessel from corrosive environments such as seawater. The marine paint makes the ship’s hull smooth, cutting down friction.

Leisure and commercial crafts as well as offshore structures like storage facilities, pipeline, tanker platforms and more rely heavily on the versatile polyurethane marine coatings due to the following properties:

  • They provide maximum retention of colour and gloss
  • They offer weather resistance, such as degradation due to sunlight, chalking, and yellowing
  • They have high resistance to chemicals, oil, solvent, and water
  • They offer resistance to impact and abrasion
  • They are fast drying.

Marine paints are also effective on masonry or concrete, steel, aluminium, other metals, elastomers, rubber, plastics, asphalt, coal tar, bitumen, and fabrics and fibres.

Different types of marine coatings differ in processing including application and drying times. They have different specifications, based on paint coverage, wet thickness, dry thickness, cure temperature, and cure time.

IPS Paint Supplies

It’s important when ordering marine paints to ensure that the paint fits the type of application you need.  For advice and guidance, call the specialist team at IPS Paint Supplies on the numbers below:

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