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How to Paint Your Fibreglass Boat


These days, boats are made from many different materials.  Traditionally, they used to be made mainly from wood but that’s no longer the case.  Some are now made from steel or even a light, strong aluminium; but the majority of modern boats are manufactured using fibreglass.

The reason that boat manufacturers use fibreglass is because it is a very strong material, so ideal for boats. However, the material is so durable that the paint coating is likely to wear away leaving the fibreglass surface exposed.  As a result, it’s well worth repainting your fibreglass boat from time to time, particularly if the surface is showing signs of the paint wearing away.  This will cost far less than having to have the fibreglass repaired, as well as making your boat look shiny and new once again.

At IPS Paint Supplies, we stock a complete range of paints and primers which are ideal for marine applications including fibreglass boats.  Our team are able to give you specialist advice on which are the best paints to carry out this repair job and we also offer a colour matching service.

Four Step Guide to Painting Fibreglass

Once you have your paints, you may not know how to apply them to your boat.  So, to help you on your way, we have come up with a four-step guide for the most effective application onto fibreglass.

  • Step one: use a commercial solvent which is safe to use on fibreglass to remove any wax which may be on the surface as this will prevent the paint from ‘sticking’ to the fibreglass. Once the wax has been removed, you may find you there are some small ‘dings’ on the surface.  We recommend using a marine fix repair putty to fill any small dents and then smooth it down before painting.
  • Step two: you will need to coat the surface of the boat with a primer before painting on fibreglass. It’s best to use a brush or roller to apply the primer as you will need a fine, even coat to cover the complete surface area you are planning to paint.
  • Step three: the key to applying paint to a fibreglass finish is create an even and consistent coat. That’s why it’s important to take your time over this stage to ensure you get the finish you desire.  You can, of course, pay for the services of a professional boat repair company to paint your fibreglass boat; but this will naturally cost you more than doing the job yourself.  It will depend on the size of the boat, your budget and how much time you have for the job as to whether you ultimately decide to do it yourself.  An important tip is to have the patience to wait until the paint is completely dry to the touch before moving onto the next stage and you try to keep the vessel in a dry and protected area to let it dry thoroughly.
  • Step 4: it’s time to wax! Once the new coat of paint is dry, then you should re-apply a wax finish for ultimate protection from sun, wind and water debris.

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