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Tips for Painting Galvanised Metal from IPS Paint Supplies

IPS Paint Supplies is a leading supplier of commercial and industrial paints to a range of sectors and that includes businesses that need product to paint on galvanised metals. What you need to be aware of when ordering your paint for a galvanised metal surface is that when the surface is new, it is very smooth and shiny.  This means it can be difficult for paint to adhere to the surface.  You also need to look out for impurities left on the surface in the form of grease, oil and other possible deposits following the manufacturing process.

Preparing a New Galvanised Metal Surface

Like any other surface, prior to painting you need to prepare a galvanised metal surface through thorough cleaning, followed by the application of a good quality primer.

We recommend, when it comes to cleaning, that you start gently at first and if the residue on the surface doesn’t shift, then use more pressure to ensure a clean, smooth finish.  We recommend using a hard, plastic bristle brush rather than a steel one which can cause discolouration.

If the surface is completely new, use an alkaline cleaning solution to scrub the surface. Once cleaned, thoroughly rinse down with fresh water and allow to dry.

The team at IPS recommends the HMG Mordant T Wash as a cleaner and surface preparation and HMG PRIEP/2 Epoxy Etch Primer.

Painting Weathered Galvanised Metal Surfaces

If the galvanised metal surface you need to paint has already been painted and has been outdoors for over 12 months, then the cleaning process will actually be simpler as you don’t need to remove the contaminants left from the manufacturing process.

You will just need to clean the dirt and grime that has built up on the surface along with any old, flaky paint with non-metallic abrasive (sandpaper) and wash down as you would with new galvanised surfaces.  Then apply a direct to galvanised metal paint, ensuring you use a brand which is weather resistant and fast drying, like our HMG Monothane Direct to Metal available in a range of Ral and British Standard colours.

IPS Paint Supplies

At IPS Paints we have a full range of colours available for use on galvanised metal, along with the primers already mentioned.

To find out more about our full range of services and products including the HMG range, click here https://www.ipspaint.co.uk/