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Reasons Why You Should Repaint Your Commercial Building

No matter where we live in the UK, as we drive around our cities, town and out-of-town industrial centres, we will see commercial buildings of all types with exterior surfaces have been sorely neglected.  There can be several reasons for this neglect.  Some buildings may be empty with absent landlords; whilst others, though occupied, don’t get the TLC they deserve – usually due to costs.  Unfortunately, this is false economy as if left unrepaired, the exterior of buildings can deteriorate so badly they could cost a small fortune to repair.

The industrial paint team at IPS Paint Supplies has identified the main reasons why industrial and commercial building owners should repair and repaint these exterior facades.

Aesthetic Appeal

Some business sectors constantly look for ways to entice the public into the premises – particularly those operating in the hospitality, leisure, tourism and retail sectors.  If your building looks dilapidated or grotty compared to your competitors, where do you think potential customers will go?

You may be focussing all your efforts on the inside of the premises to make the venue more attractive and appealing but if those changes aren’t reflected on the outside, then your indoor refurbishment costs could well be wasted.

What’s more, a fresh coat of paint will make your building stand out from the crowd as well as creating the feeling of a safe, cared for, and clean space.

Reducing Visible Damage

Paint damage can accumulate over time in virtually any environment. The harsh British winters, including the vicious storms we have seen over the last few years, will have taken their toll on the exterior of a building causing damage to the substrate and paint.

That’s why it is so important to review your building’s exterior for signs of wear and tear which make the premises look uninviting.  Diminished curb appeal can drive visitors to more modern-looking competitors – and may even attract acts of vandalism.

Meeting Regulatory Requirements

Although not common practice everywhere, there are times when you can attract fines or legal liability by failing to update the outside of your building (particularly in areas of historic interest).

Ensuring the exterior of the building is well-maintained and painted in colours which complement the environment will mean you will escape any potential fines.

Protecting Your Investment

Repainting your commercial or industrial building isn’t just about aesthetic appeal. By using the right commercial coatings with specific performance qualities will help you save money. From waterproofing to advanced metal painting, you will avoid long term damage by making the correct investment up-front.

An experienced team of industrial paint supplies, like IPS Paint Supplies, can help you narrow down your options based on your needs. You can protect exteriors from weather and prevent corrosion, salt damage, and other issues that, if unchecked, could diminish your property value and raise your maintenance costs.

Raising Company Morale

Your employees should be thinking about the future of your business as much as you do.  So these caring employees will notice when maintenance budgets are cut and things start to go downhill. The idea that you have “checked out” can contribute to a drop in productivity among front line personnel.

Long-term employees are an asset that appreciates in value, and you can help keep them engaged by showing your business has a solid future. A repainting project is a great way to show your commitment. It speaks volumes about where you see your business in five years.

Maintaining Market Value

If you own your commercial space, then painting acquires a whole new dimension of urgency. You might want to sell the building or lease it out to other businesses in the future. Either way, a new paint job is one less issue that new tenants will have to invest in, which can be decisive when it comes to choosing your building over another.

IPS Paint Supplies

Appearance is just the start when it comes to a commercial painting project. The right paint job helps you make a great impression, reduce your long term maintenance costs, and open the doors for new business too.

Call the team at IPS Paint Supplies on the number below for advice and guidance on which paint is most suitable for your premises or read more about our industrial paints here:

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