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Choosing the Right Paint for Your Commercial Cladding Structures

There are many different types of cladding depending on where it’s going to be used.  In a domestic market, cladding is used internally in bathrooms and outdoors to protect wood.  Essentially, cladding is used to protect other, vulnerable surfaces from wear and tear and, when used outdoors, from harsh weather.

When it comes to commercial and industrial buildings, metal cladding is very popular. This is because metal cladding shields internal building materials from the harsh elements, whilst giving additional strength to the mechanical stability of the structure. The cladding protects from changes in temperature, wind, water absorption, sunlight and pollution, all of which can damage the structural integrity of a building and its aesthetics.

Choosing Paint for Your Metal Cladding

Explains the specialist team at IPS  Paint Supplies:

To keep metal cladding looking its best at all times, you must paint it with the correct products. If not the structure will start to look scruffy and shabby very quickly.  What’s more, by protecting your cladding with the correct paint products, you will extend its life span, saving  you time and money on unnecessary repairs.

Metal cladding needs to be treated and protected in a similar way to any other surface structure.  So to protect the surface, you need to start with an undercoat, which has been designed specifically to cover the structure’s material.  In other words, you will need a different undercoat for a wood surface than you will for a metal one.   Once the undercoat has been applied and dried,  only then should you add the topcoat, which again should be one suitable for the surface material.

If you are installing new metal cladding, then you will also need to apply a primer before applying the undercoat.

The HMG range of paints, which is sold by IPS Paint Supplies, offers a range of primers, undercoat and topcoat paints which are ideal for cladding application, including metal.  They have a range of water-based paints which can be applied quickly to surfaces at a good price.   For example, the  HMG 2K Epoxy Primer offers excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance to substrates.

When used with the HMG  A 1K MIO anti-corrosive vinyl topcoat, your metal cladding with be protected from water, salt spray and other aggressive environmental factors that can cause damage.

IPS Paint Supplies

To find out more about the range of paints, including those for use on cladding substrates, visit https://www.ipspaint.co.uk/ or call a member of our team on the number below:

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