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A Guide to the Use of Industrial Paints for Small Commercial Premises

When we talk about industrial paints, people generally think about large buildings, major commercial premises like factories or for the fabrication industry.  However, even smaller industrial units will, at some time or another, require some form of industrial paint as the most effective way of keeping their building in top condition and protected from the elements.

The reason it’s important to use industrial paint rather than standard household products is because the former are more durable and offer a stronger protection through properties like anti-corrosion.

That said, industrial paint isn’t always easy or straightforward to apply so we’ve come up with some tips to help owners of small industrial units and other commercial premises to get the job done properly!

Tips for Using Industrial Paints

Much like standard household versions, industrial paints need to be applied using several different types.  These include a primer, a second coat and then a stronger, top surface.

The primers provide a strong base and can be applied to any surface. They can contain anti-corrosive properties to provide additional protection, which is particularly important for outdoor applications.  The second coat of industrial paint will provide a further base but in a colour closer to the finished product you are looking for (covering up the brighter colour which primers tend to come in).

The final coat or finisher, much like when painting any other surface, is used to provide a protective coating as well as an attractive appearance.  These topcoats usually come in a choice of colours and finishes including satin, matt or gloss.  It’s important to invest in a good quality topcoat for all industrial applications in order to avoid damage such as scratching and chipping.

Specialist Industrial Paints

The above tips apply to general applications for smaller, industrial units.  Some industrial buildings, depending on where they are situated and the anticipated levels of wear and tear, may require specialist paints.  This would apply in locations which are close to the sea, in units where temperatures may be high or on floors which tolerate heavy duty machines

Steel components on the outside of buildings for example will require specialist industrial, metallic primers and topcoat paints for added protection against rust and other forms of erosion.

Industrial Paints from IPS

At IPS Paints, we offer a wide range of industrial primers and finishers for large and small industrial applications. From single or multi-coat systems in a range of finishes, we have a range of products to suit any industrial paint needs, along with a professional colour matching service.

Our brands of industrial paints include HMG, the UK’s largest Independent Paint Manufacturer as well as Mipa Promix Industrial, one of Germany’s Leading Paint Manufacturers.

To find out more about our full range of industrial and commercial paints, visit our website at https://www.ipspaint.co.uk/industrial/ or call us today on the number below:

Industrial Paints