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The Most Common Causes of Paint Damage on Commercial Vehicles

For all companies who run commercial vehicles – whether it’s a single van or a fleet of lorries – the condition of these vehicles is essential to the entire operation.  Engine maintenance is, of course, the top priority when it comes to keeping your commercial vehicle in good working order when on the road.  But it’s just as important to maintain the van, truck or lorry’s paintwork to avoid expensive repairs down the line as well as ensuring your company looks professional at all times.  After all, if your goods are delivered in rusty, beat out looking van, your customers will think your goods could be equally below standard too!

This is why it is so important to understand the most common causes of paint damage so you can ensure you carry out the most relevant repairs in a timely fashion.  The commercial vehicle team at Independent Paint Supplies have come up with these tips to help you to keep your professional image at all times, and to ensure you don’t incur unnecessary expenses as well.

Temperature Fluctuations

Commercial vehicles tend to spend most of their time outdoors so when temperatures fluctuate, particularly if you are delivering across different continents, some auto paints may expand and contract rapidly, resulting in tiny cracks.  These cracks can grow bigger over time, exposing the inner metal to moisture and other elements that can then lead to corrosion.

If your vehicles spend a lot of time outdoors and you see these cracks appear, you should get them repaired as soon as possible at a commercial paint body shop. They may also be able to recommend a paint type that readily expands and contracts without cracking when exposed to temperature fluctuations.

DIY Cleaning

In most companies, commercial drivers are usually responsible for cleaning their vehicles. This may save costs in the short term but in the long run this could lead to damaged paintwork as the drivers are no experienced at commercial valeting and may use abrasive cleaning materials for example.

What’s more, as some vehicles may need some roadside cleaning to remove ice, snow or bird droppings, the drivers will probably use harsh scarpers to rid their vehicles of these substances.

Fortunately, most commercial auto body paint repair shops also offer professional vehicle washing and valeting services to help maintain a truck’s original paintwork.

Hard Flying Debris

There is always the chance that road debris in the form of pebbles, rocks, stones, and twigs flicked by other vehicles will hit your vehicle. Since these stones and rocks fly at high speeds, they can easily chip the paint all over the vehicle’s body. Unfortunately, they can also leave deep dents on the body work which will require paint repairs.

While it is challenging to avoid paint damage from flying debris, drivers can minimise paint chips by maintaining a reasonable distance from the vehicles in front. It’s important to note that any dings and chips on the body paint will require immediate repairs to avoid extensive paint degradation.

IPS Paint Supplies

IPS Paint Supplies works with a number of commercial auto paint repair shops across South West Wales to ensure that their customers get the best possible vehicle paint products in turn.  To find out more about our commercial vehicle services click here https://www.ipspaint.co.uk/commercial/ or call us today on the number below:

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