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Choosing the Correct Commercial Vehicle Paint

At IPS Paint Supplies we offer all our customers a wide variety of commercial vehicle paints ranging from bodywork and frame metal paint to epoxy primers.  For heavy duty vehicles like lorries or plant machinery we understand that the choice of paint can affect both the appearance and the performance of the vehicle.

So, to help commercial vehicle body shop providers to avoid any problems such as cracking, chipping or corrosion, we have come up with some guidelines to help you make informed choices when selecting paint for your customers’ vehicles.

Selecting the Right Paint

Before choosing the most appropriate paint for a vehicle, it’s important to know which paint is already on it.  This is because if you don’t have the opportunity to strip the vehicle of old paint entirely, you will need to make ensure the new paint is compatible with the old one for durability.

What’s more, if you pick the wrong paint, vehicle painting can be time-consuming and complicated. Ease of application is one of the top things commercial body shop owners will always require which is why we stock products which meet this demand along with complementary spray guns and associated equipment to make the task as seamless as possible.

When it comes to agricultural, commercial, industrial or military vehicles, they need a highly durable paint that can resist all weather types.  You will also need to look at the paint’s anti-corrosive properties to protect these types of vehicle from exposure to water, salt, oil, chemicals and other contaminants.

IPS Paint Supplies Main Mixing Schemes

Colour choice can also play an important part when it comes to paint selection for commercial vehicles. You may need to repaint your van, truck or lorry in corporate colours for example.  At IPS Paint supplies we offer a wide choice of colours for each paint type.

Our main mixing schemes for commercial colours are as follows:

  • RM Graphite: RM Graphite HD is a highly efficient commercial vehicle topcoat process, which can be completed in a single operation, applying just one and half coats to achieve complete opacity. Based on 22 basic colours, Graphite HD provides the capability to mix 60,000 colours. Naturally Graphite HD, being an R-M product, benefits from world leading colour support through the Colour Guide and Colortronic 2, ensuring fast, accurate and reliable colour matching. Graphite HD can be used with the body shops’ existing spraying equipment, so there is no need to re-invest. CV body shops using Graphite HD can achieve a significant reduction in material consumption and time saving.
  • HMG Acrythane 4G: we have the scheme to mix HMGs very popular Acrythane 4G Paint, which produces fantastic results. Acrythane 4G is a high solids acrylic polyurethane coating developed to meet the stringent requirements of the commercial vehicle market. With an optimised balance of early hardness, fast cure and long pot life, Acrythane 4G is ideal for OEM, repairers and builders within this demanding marketplace. Acrythane 4G is both VOC and REACH compliant and available as a coloured Topcoat. Acrythane 4G is designed to provide outstanding gloss, final appearance, and durability over a range of HMG primers. Acrythane 4G offers enhanced properties over traditional systems, which results in improved process efficiencies.
  • Mipa Paint: we have been working alongside Mipa for a long while, using three paint schemes in house to mix a vast majority of our colours. Mipa Paints Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Mipa SE Group serving the UK automotive, industrial and defence sectors through approved distributors and direct supply channels across the UK and Ireland. We are committed to maintaining our product portfolio to the highest level, ensuring our customers continue to enjoy industry-leading levels of efficiency whilst delivering technical excellence. We stock a very wide range of Mipa products, from primers to topcoats and everything else to get the job done.

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