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Why Use Primer when Painting your Commercial Structures

Paints for commercial and industrial structures is just one of the sectors that we supply at IPS Paint Supplies.   One questions we are regularly asked by building owners and property management companies is whether they should use a primer when re-painting the outside of commercial structures.  The answer is categorically ‘Yes’.

Why Use a Primer on the Outside of Your Building?

Unlike the interior of these buildings, the outside will be impacted by extremes in temperatures as well as harsh winter weather.  That is the main reason why using a primer for this work is so important.

In essence, during the curing process, which can last anywhere from a few hours to 2-3 days depending on the type of paint and the structure, the chemicals in the primer and topcoat interact in specific ways. This strengthens the performance quality of the topcoat as well as improving the appearance. Most importantly it ensures the treated surface has maximum protection from the outdoor elements.

Additional Benefits of Using a Primer

There are a number of other benefits to using a primer on the exterior of your commercial or industrial premises including:

  • Creates a base which is ideal for painting as the surface will be more uniform allowing for ease of application and better adherence. This is particularly important on porous surfaces including dry walls.
  • Helps the paint to stick to the surface which gives a more effective coating against environmental conditions such as moisture. The chemicals in a primer react to create a firm binding layer on all surfaces including hard and glossy surfaces that can often blister or peel off if a primer isn’t used.
  • Covers up stains and smells which can become ingrained in the building’s surface. A primer will blocks stains and other contaminants in the lower layers of the surfaces stopping them from reaching the surface. This extra layer will also make ongoing maintenance easier.
  • Creates a better result overall as primers offer improved longevity and durability for the exterior surface as well as making it easier to apply the topcoat which will go on more smoothly and evenly.

Importantly, an exterior coating will degrade more quickly if it is not supported by a primer.  By cutting corners and not applying a primer to the outside of your building,  you could find yourself having to re-paint withing a short period of time, which means extra costs on a regular basis!  In addition, by using a primer, your outside paint job will look fresh and appealing to visitors and customers for a longer period of time.

IPS Paint Supplies

The commercial and industrial products we offer at IPS Paint Supplies includes a range of primers for exterior surfaces.

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