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Advantages of Direct to Metal Paints

Direct to metal (DTM) coatings are becoming more popular in commercial industrial settings as these formulas enable high quality coatings to be applied directly to a metal substrate without the use of a primer. They are applied by spray, brush, roll, or coil coating. This eliminates the time-intensive process of cleaning, pre-treating, and sealing the substrate.

The use of a single coat of product has a number of benefits for many light industrial applications. Most notably, fewer coats of paint can translate directly into greater cost savings without sacrificing the quality of the protection provided.

Advantage of DTM Paints

If you’re looking for quality products to apply directly to metal, here are the main advantages of option for DTM paints.

  • Rapid Productivity: use of a single coating means your entire project can be completed in virtually half the time.
  • Superior Adhesion: with great variation between different metals and alloys, it can be a crucial mistake to regard metal as a single substrate with uniform qualities. DTM coatings are formulated for superior adhesion, reducing the risk of coating failure.
  • Corrosion Protection and Water Resistance: thorough corrosion protection is perhaps the biggest concern for many external surfaces. DTM coatings are optimized to resist corrosion and oxidization and support longevity for treated substrates. They can also be highly hydrophobic and shore up the weathering risks associated with various metals and alloys.
  • Enhanced Longevity: DTM coatings require minimal maintenance and are easy to keep up-to-date. Their high resistance to abrasion means they are unlikely to suffer damage that harms overall coating performance. Maintenance cleaning and recoating can take as little as a few minutes.
  • Relative Ease of Application:  DTM coatings have a propensity to be forgiving about temperature, humidity, and other local conditions that can cause primer-topcoat systems to fail early in their service life. Likewise, specialised equipment is kept to a minimum, greatly enhancing safety for coating professionals and other personnel.
  • Environmental Sustainability: DTM coatings have been developed in part as a response to the growing emphasis on reducing volatile organic compounds (VOCs). In enclosed spaces, VOCs can present extreme dangers to anyone coming in contact with large quantities of coating products. DTM is another step toward a low- or no-VOC environment.

IPS Paint Supplies

At IPS Paint Supplies, every day our Colour Technicians mix a huge number of paints for all substrates including metal surfaces.   We are stockists of many top brands including market leader HMG, Mipa and Selemix paints.

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