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Why You Should Sand Down your Car before Repainting

Repainting your car can be a quick way to spruce up the overall look of your vehicle, particularly if it is an older model.  If this is something you are planning to do, then you need to be mindful that the quality of the finished paint job will depend largely on the preparation you have completed before applying the paint to your car’s bodywork.

If you don’t spend the right amount of time or effort into the preparation process, the finished job will result in unsightly bumps and unevenness that will definitely detract from your car’s overall appeal.

One step that should be carried out at all costs  before you have your vehicle painted is to sand the bodywork down.  These are the main reasons why.

Effective Removal of Rust

One of the primary reasons why sanding should be a vital process before your vehicle is painted is that it gets rid of rust. You may think that a little corrosion will not have an adverse effect on the entire body of the vehicle, but this is a misconception. Even a slight degree of rust will steadily spread once wet paint is applied to the body of the car. As a result, your vehicle’s bodywork will deteriorate steadily with time, and this makes it susceptible to dings, dents and even cracks.

Other Contaminants

Another advantage of sanding your vehicle prior to painting it can also get rid of many other contaminants lurking on the surface of the body work. While rust is one of the main impurities to be concerned about, there is an assortment of additional contaminants that will either compromise your final paint job or, worse yet, have an adverse effect on the condition of your car’s body.

Some of these contaminants that can be eliminated during the sanding process include oil spots, coagulated dirt and a variety of different kinds of particulate matter.

IPS Paint Supplies

At IPS Paint Supplies, we stock a range of sanding equipment to help you get the best possible result prior to re-painting your vehicle.  We also sell all top of the range car paint brands along with a colour matching service.

In short, IPS Paint Supplies offers a one-stop shop for all your car paints and associated products.  Read more about us here https://www.ipspaint.co.uk/ or call a member of our team on the number below if you need further advice and help.