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Spring Cleaning Tips for your Car

Spring is definitely in the air so now is a great time to give your car a well-deserved Spring clean, as well as your home or office.  And don’t forget, the reason we do so much cleaning in the Spring is because we want to get our house or workspace free from the debris left by the winter months… so why wouldn’t your car be any different?

Other than actually making your car look good, a further benefit of cleaning your car over the Spring months will help to identify any issues you may have with the vehicle such as dents or scratches that need repairing as soon as possible.

You should also check that the tread on your tyres is still in good condition.

Here’s what the team at IPS Paint supplies recommends that you do:

Carry Out a Fluid Check

Older cars in particular may not fare well during the winter months. That’s why it’s a good idea to carry out a thorough fluid check during the Spring and replace any essential fluids where levels may have dropped.

The fluids that you need to check include the brake fluid, oil and transmission fluid, and the coolant. By replacing these fluids you will make sure that your car engine is operating to its full performance capacity.

If you’re not confident doing this yourself, then pop your car into your local mechanic or garage to carry out this essential work.

Look Out for Body Defects

When you give the bodywork on your car a good Spring clean, you should look out for any dents and dings on the outside of your vehicle. You should also be looking for chipped paint and rust, especially following an entire season of exposure to wind, rain, snow or, at the very least, cold, biting air.

When checking for rust, don’t just look at the surface of the car’s bodywork. Take a look at the under chassis as well, and even in the interior. If you do find rust, then the best advice is to take your vehicle to an auto body paint specialist so the rust can be repaired properly to prevent it spreading or recurring.

Freshen Up the Interior

When you’re cleaning your car, don’t forget to give the interior the same attention as the outside.  This should include hoovering the upholstery, washing and cleaning windows, wiping down other interior surfaces and maybe even adding some air freshener.

IPS Paint Supplies

All of these simple tips will make driving in your car much more pleasurable this Spring as well as ensuring your vehicle is in tip top condition.

At IPS Paints, we offer a huge range of valeting products for both the outside and inside of your car, as well as top of the range paint supplies with a colour matching service to fix any dents or scratches.

Visit our website www.ipspaints.co.uk for more information.