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Recognising Vehicle Paint Damage and How to Prevent It

Even if your vehicle is your pride and joy and you do everything you can to look after it, damage can still occur on the paint surface no matter how careful you are.  The results can be scratches and chips which ruin the appearance of your car’s bodywork as well as leading to potentially expensive repair work.

This is the reason why identifying what are the causes of auto paint damage and how to prevent them is so important.  That’s why the team at IPS Paint Supplies has come up with the main causes of paint damage to help you to avoid expensive body work in the long run.

Scratch Damage

Paint scratches can occur when a person or an object grazes your car’s paint. There are different levels of scratch damage ranging from if another vehicle bumps into yours, if scrape it against a static object like a wall or if someone walks past your car and accidentally scrapes it with a handbook or bike handlebar for example.  The best way to protect your paint work is to add an extra layer of protection like car paint film or glass coating.

Swirl Damage

This is the most common type of car paint damage which normally comes from from automatic car washes that use stiff brushes.  These can also occur if you wipe the car’s surface with a dry or dirty cloth.  The solutions are simple.  Avoid automatic car washes and opt for hand car washing services instead; and if you are planning to wash your car yourself, make sure you invest in good   quality cleaning equipment and clean, grime free cloths.

Tree Sap and Bird Droppings Damage

If you regularly park your car under a tree, you may see glue-like spots on your vehicle’s paint.  If you ignore these spots they will be difficult to remove and can even cause long term damage.  To prevent this you should remove them as soon as possible without damaging the paint.  Again, the answer is simple – don’t park under a tree.  If you have no other option, then ensure you wax and clean your car regularly to keep these sap stains at bay.

Another side effect of parking under a tree, can be bird droppings. The same guidelines as above apply.

Paint Chip Damage

Paint chips tend to occur when gravel or small stones hit the paint as the tyres ride over them.  It’s very difficult to avoid this type of  damage but you can strengthen the vehicle’s surface by adding a layer of car paint protection film.

Rust Damage

Rust can occur when the metallic parts of your vehicle are exposed to the natural elements. You can prevent this by dealing with any other types of damage early so that the metal is not exposed to the elements.  You can also proof rust your car with specially designed products.

Sun Damage

And during the summer months, leaving your car unprotected and uncovered for long periods of time in the sun can result in blotchy, white spots on the paint surface.  Ideally, you should park your car in the shade or use a car cover.  Also, if you regularly wash and wax your vehicle, this will help to minimise the effect of sunlight on the surface.

IPS Paint Supplies

We hope you find these tips useful when it comes to helping to prevent damage to the paint work of your car.   We also supply a huge range of cleaning and other related products including car wax and valeting products.

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