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Look After Your Car this New Year

You’ve probably by now made some New Year Resolutions (and may even have broken some already too)!  While making these resolutions to improve your health, lose weight and change your lifestyle why not add looking after your car to this list?  After all, just like your body, a car needs to undergo health checks and some TLC too.

If this sounds like a good idea, and a New Year resolution you can achieve, here are some tips on what you need to include in your list:

Don’t Neglect Car Maintenance

You will undoubtedly have the date for your next MOT and service in your diary but car maintenance and checks shouldn’t be an annual event.  Keeping up with car maintenance can help to avoid other problems further down the line and ensure that, when your vehicle does go in for a service, then you don’t have any additional repairs and associated costs due to neglect.

The most important areas of car maintenance you need to consider include oil and coolant checks, regular top up of screen wash, lights and bulbs, tyre care, brake disc and pad checks and replacing wiper blades due to wear and tear.

Learn To Do Basic Maintenance Yourself

All the above may sound daunting and you could be tempted to pop your vehicle to your local garage for these regular checks. However this is an expensive and time-consuming option.

So why not make it a new year’s resolution to learn how to do it yourself? While there are some maintenance tasks that should be done by a skilled mechanic, the previously mentioned checks are relatively simple tasks that you can do by yourself to keep your car maintained in 2023.

It’s a good idea to start with something small such as learning to replace your windscreen wipers. There are hundreds of You Tube videos to show you how to carry out these checks (and you should always consult your car manual too for full details).

Become a Better Driver

Believe it or not but by becoming a better (and safer driver) you will extend the life cycle of your car as you are more likely to avoid incidents or accidents.   The first thing to do is to eliminate potential distractions when driving.  This can include reaching for something from a bag, changing music, setting up your GPS or Sat Nav and most importantly using a mobile phone (which is in fact illegal and comes with hefty penalties and fines). This may sound onerous but if you get everything in place before you set off, then you will avoid unnecessary distractions whilst driving.

You should also think about being courteous to other drivers.  We all  know driving can be frustrating especially with traffic jams, road works, and learner drivers. It’s easy to let that get to you causing road rage and potentially accidents. Make it a new year’s resolution to be patient with the people you share the road with.

Keep Your Car Clean

If your car is a mess (and nicknamed the bin!) going into the new year, then declutter it now and make it a resolution to keep both the interior and exterior clean.

Start by removing everything from inside the vehicle and only put back essential items such as cloths to wipe the inside of the windscreen or an air freshener.  Obviously, you should also put back essential items such as user manuals, your emergency breakdown kit, spare tyre and, if you have one, a tyre repair kit.

Once you’ve decluttered, give your car a deep clean. Vacuum the seats and floor, wipe down windows, and then wash the outside too. It’s also a good idea to wax your car once it’s been cleaned as this will protect the paintwork, particularly in winter months when there is grit on the roads!

IPS Paint Supplies

To help you keep your car clean and sparkling and for all other accessories you may need to keep these New Year resolutions, then IPS Paint Supplies can help.  Call us today on the numbers below to find out more or visit https://www.ipspaint.co.uk/

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