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DIY Tips to Remove Scratches from your Vehicle

Nobody likes to have scratches on their vehicle, whether it is brand new car or a van which has clocked up many miles. And there are many different reasons why a car could get scratched such as poor parking, bags or keys bashing against the paintwork or stones flipped up off the road.

Removing these scratches from your vehicle yourself may sound difficult but that doesn’t have to be the case. The team at IPS Paint Supplies has come up with these DIY tips to help you get rid of those tough scratches to ensure your car looks as good as new.

Scratch removal tips

DIY Tip 1 – Use a cutting compound like the Roar 610 Extreme Cut. Bear in mind that this works best on light, shallow scratches that are only in the top clearcoat. Take extra care using it on corners and panel creases, where it’s easy to rub through the paint colour, revealing the metal beneath. Begin by washing the car thoroughly to remove dirt and grit, then dry it.  Apply a small amount of cutting compound to your applicator and rub into the required area, using circular or backwards and forwards motions and keep a steady, light pressure. Wipe away any leftover product before it dries and buff the area with a clean microfibre cloth.

DIY Tip 2 – Use a Scratch Removal Kit: For small scratches, whether they are on the surface or a bit deeper, invest in a good -quality scratch removal kit – available from IPS Paint Supplies.  Again, you should start with washing your car and removing all the dirt from the surface. Use a microfibre towel to wipe your car surface and then use scratch removal kit as directed in the instruction manual/

DIY Tip 3 – Use Paint for Deep Scratches: Deeper scratches will require much more effort.  Once you’ve washed your car, sand down the scratched area to strip away the layers of paint. Rinse and dry the area; then, use a clean microfibre cloth to wipe the surface completely. Apply a few coats of primer on the sanded areas, and then apply a couple of coats of paint on the scratched area. Make sure the colour you choose should match the colour of the car. Finally, add a touch of shine by applying a coat of wax.

IPS Paint Supplies

IPS Paint Supplies can help you to get rid of these car scratches yourself through our range of scratch removal and valeting products.. Importantly, we also offer a car paint colour matching service so you can be sure that the paint we supply you is an exact match for the make and model of your vehicle.  Read more here or  call us today on the numbers below for more advice and guidance:

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