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What Services Can You Expect from an Auto Body Shop?

If your vehicle is damaged during a collision, there’s a good chance you will need the services of an auto body repair shop.  So you know which sort of repair you will need and the services you should ask for, here’s what you need to look for.

Body Shop Repairs

The main vehicle parts which an auto body shop will normally repair include repairing bumpers, dents, windscreens and paintwork as follows:

  • Dents and other surface defects can deteriorate quickly, so you should address these immediately following an accident. Auto body shop repair shop can correct these defects right away leaving your vehicle looking like new.
  • Paint scratches and chips can lead to rust and other underlying damage. If left unprotected, these issues can cause long-lasting issues to your car’s paint and metal. An auto body shop can eliminate paint damage and ensure your car’s paint job looks good as new.
  • An accident or collision can crack your car’s windscreen or cause scratches and damage to your vehicle’s rear-view mirrors and windows. Windscreen repair services will fix these issues so they won’t hinder your ability to see clearly on the road.
  • Cracks, scrapes, and other bumper damage can be tough to address since bumpers come in many styles and sizes and are made from a wide range of materials. An auto body shop has experienced staff on hand who can evaluate any bumper damage to your car and identify the best way to repair it.

What’s the Difference Between an Auto Body Shop and a Car Repair Garage?

An auto body shop is not the same as a car repair garage. An auto body shop focuses exclusively on remedial work to a car’s exterior, while a car repair garage fixes or replaces a vehicle’s mechanical components. A car repair garage also performs regular maintenance, MOT’s and servicing on a car’s moving parts.

These mechanical repairs tend to include common problems such as brake replacements, oil changes and engine component replacements.

Following an accident, you will need to visit an auto body shop to fix or replace any damaged exterior components; and a car repair garage to fix or replace any mechanical parts that hamper your ability to drive safely.  If you have had a serious accident you may need the services of both.

Make sure to choose an auto body shop or car repair garage that has certified and qualified technicians on hand to deliver the best service possible.

IPS Paint Supplies

At IPS Paint Supplies, we provide a complete range of auto repair paints and associated product to a large number of auto body shops across South West Wales.  To find out more visit our website at https://www.ipspaint.co.uk/ or for more assistance, call a member of our team on the number below:

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