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The Importance of Quality Paint Finishes

Surface finishes, which require automotive and industrial paints, are an important element of many products when it comes to longevity and appearance. These paints serve to make these products look presentable and distinct as well as playing a role in ensuring that they perform as they are intended to perform and to last longer too.

Finishes provide protection from outside elements, corrosion, wear and rust. For example, when it comes to cars, if the paint gets scratched off, rust will start to materialise over time if it is not treated properly.  This is because the paint provides a protective layer for the area underneath.

Certain types of finishes, like the specialised coatings used in the aerospace industry, can also impact on the performance of the aircraft itself.

Quality and customer satisfaction are also very important when considering the finish of a product. In high-end industries, like those that build marine vessels such as a yacht or manufacturers of custom vehicles, appearance is more important than that which is expected from a standard metal fabrication shop. Just the slightest mark can have a huge affect on the perception of the finished product.

The Application of Paint Finishes

Since the introduction of the spray gun in the 1920s, the primary means of applying liquid coatings on products, parts and vehicles is with a liquid spray gun and compressed air system. Before that, products were painted by hand with a brush.

Liquid paint is today used throughout the production process for industrial manufacturers and metal fabrication businesses, to the more widely known use of refinishing cars, trucks and airplanes.

Paint Products from IPS

At IPS Paints we understand the importance that our clients place on quality paint finishes for all applications.

We supply our paint products to a wide range of industries including automotive, commercial (for trucks, cars, boats, buses, trains and ships) as well as to for many industrial applications for the exterior cladding of buildings and for canisters (including shipping containers).

In addition to paints, we also stock an extensive range of refinishing consumables, tools and equipment to the industries.

You can find out more about our full range of quality products and services, please visit our website here or call a member of our team on the number below:

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