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Keeping Your Auto Paint in Tip Top Condition

Owning your sparkling, brand new dream car can give you an amazing rush and thrill. To ensure that your car continues to look like that you need to maintain your vehicle both under the bonnet and on its exterior finish.

Maintaining your auto paint efficiently is less complicated when you know what your paint is made of and what it needs to stay looking fresh and new for longer periods.  Here we would like to share with you some information about popular auto paints and their composition and some important tips to keep your car looking spanking new!

What are Auto Paints Made Of?

Most automotive paints are water-based compositions that are designed to fix themselves to a substrate, in this case, the car body. It is composed of polyurethane- enamel which helps to protect the car body from environmental damage like rust.

Depending on the paint application technique, there can be a varied number of stages for painting a car. Most modern auto paint jobs use multi-stage paint applications for better results and long-lasting gloss and shine.

Top Tip for Auto Paint Care

Periodic maintenance and preservation steps can help keep your car paint protected from damage and deterioration in both quality and appearance.

Tip 1 – wash your car regularly and thoroughly including in the nooks and corners of the car and remove dust, dirt, grime, etc. This will help to remove substances like tree sap, bird droppings, and insects as, if left for too long on the paint surface, can lead to corrosion and create cracks in the paint. It can also make the paint turn dull which can’t be reversed.

Tip 2- be quick to treat minute scratches or dents caused by keys or tiny stones. It’s often a good idea to take expert advice in treating even blemishes to keep the car body from rusting.

Tip 3 – every six months, use wax polish to maintain the shine and glossy finish but you should also ensure that the painting and finishing processes like waxing and polishing are done under controlled conditions specified by the manufacturer for maximum effects and minimal mistakes ie avoid direct sunlight.

Tip 4 – use paint cleaner, sealants and polish for old cars to ensure that the surface is even. Light lacquer cleaning and paint polish are recommended by experts every three years for maintaining a smooth, even finish.

Tip 5 – use a clean, soft cloth to dry the car after washing and avoid creating watermarks on the surface.

Tip 6 – with deep scratches which expose bare metal, a professional touch-up job is required. This can prevent the metal from exposure to harmful substances that can cause rusting.

IPS Paint Supplies

Auto  paints can be easily affected by environmental stresses and regular tear and wear from usage. By taking care of it and periodically monitoring its overall health, can save £000’s in the future and protect your car from the biggest hazard: corrosion.  Sticking to manufacturer’s guidelines and professional advice to maintain car paint can make your job easier as a car owner.

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