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Signs That You Need to Get Your Car to a Body Shop


Many car owners go years without considering a new paint job for their car, ignoring issues such as scratches, dents, fading paint and even rust.   Getting your car painted in a professional body shop won’t only improve the aesthetics of  your vehicle but it can also have an impact on how long your car will last.

The team at IPS Paint has come up with this list of signs that show it’s time to get the bodywork of your car, van or other vehicle re-touches or completely re-painted.

Sign 1 – Following an Accident

Believe it or not, some car owners don’t bother getting their body work fixed following an accident.  For those of us who take pride in our vehicles sounds very odd but, nevertheless, it does happen!  But any sort of scratch, dent or other damage to your bodywork, no matter how minor, could cause you serious issues in the longer term and in particular rust.

The vehicle may be driving fine but that doesn’t mean the bodywork should be neglected.

To get your car looking like new, then you should get an auto paint body work specialist to look at your car and advise on what work is needed to avoid issues of deterioration in the future.

Sign 2- Fading Paint

If your paint work is noticeably fading, it means it’s beginning to wear and is generally the main reason why people take their car to a professional auto-paint garage.

The main reasons for fading paint can range from exposure to too much sunlight or if your vehicle is left out in the snow when the cold temperatures impact on the exterior of the vehicle.

In addition, failing to wash your car regularly, dirt and grime could leave an uneven film that leads to damage to the surface paint. Additionally, if you don’t wax your car after washing, you could find it needs to be repainted sooner than you may like.

Some car paint can even just fade over time. If your car still drives like a dream but is missing the shine that it had when you first bought it, that’s when it’s a good time to consider an bodywork paint service.

Sign 3 – Clear Coat is Peeling Back

The clear coat is what protects the paint on your bodywork and if that’s surface layer starts to chip off, then your bodywork is vulnerable to the elements.

If it looks like the paint is peeling off your car, there’s a good chance it’s the clear coat separating from the base coat.  If the clear coat peels completely away, the base could also lift from the bodywork exposing the vehicle to all types of damage.

Bubbles and discoloured areas on the body of your car are one of the first signs of clear coat peeling off.  If you spot any of these signs, then you should get your car as soon as possible to an auto-paint garage to get a new clear coat and any other layers which may have been damaged too.

Sign 4 – Deep Scratches

If your car is subject to deep scratches of any kind, then these should be treated immediately for the same reasons that you need to repair peeling clear coat.

Sometimes scratches can be buffed out but others will need a complete re-touch, depending on how deep they are and the level of damage causes.

You can buy a range of products for buffering out scratches from the IPS Paints shop in Llansamlet.  However, we do recommend that you consult a car paint specialist if you’re unsure of the depth of the damage or you’re not comfortable buffing out the scratches yourself.

Sign 5 – Rust Issues

If you’ve been driving in the snow or road which have been gritted, you should always check the underside of your car and wipe away any salt as this can eat away at the surface of your vehicle.  This will prevent corrosion and the build up of rust.   If you let rust built up, then in the long term., this can lead to holes in the bodywork.

Benefits of using a Body Shop Repair Garage

When customers come into our shop in Llansamlet looking for paint repair products, we always check first that they understand what the job entails and that they may be better off getting a quote from an auto repair specialist.

IPS Paint Supplies provides a range of products to many body repair garages across South West Wales including paint, clear coat, base coats and much, much more.

To find our more, visit our website https://www.ipspaint.co.uk/ or call a member of our team for advice on the number below:

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