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Planning to Respray your Car?

There could be a number of reasons why you would need to respray your car.  Maybe the vehicle paint has been damaged as a result of a bump and accident; or has the vehicle been vandalised in some way.  Whatever the reason your paintwork needs some TLC it’s important to get the body work repainted as soon as possible.

You may choose to respray the vehicle yourself though we would highly recommend you look for a good local auto paint repair shop for the best fix possible.  That said, you should also ensure that you do some research into local garages before making that final commitment to getting your re-spray.

Getting Your DIY Respray Right

If you do opt to do the job yourself, to achieve the perfect paint job you will need to fulfil two conditions. Firstly, you  must carry out appropriate preparation before the spray painting begins, and you must also choose the right paint for your vehicle.

Be mindful that paint appearance can very depending on the base material or the way the light reflects on the vehicle.  So, we recommend you check with a specialist, auto-paint retailer like IPS Paint Supplies before purchasing the paint.  They will advise you on which type and colour of paint you will need for your specific car model and can also help with advice and products for preparation and finishing jobs.

Prepping your Vehicle for a Respray

So you have the paint, but before you start the job, you must invest time in preparation work.  The car’s bodywork must be cleaned before painting.  This is so that the paint is applied directly onto the bodywork rather than to any grime attached to the vehicle.

It is always best to carry out spray painting in a controlled, dust-free environment since this will achieve the best adhesion.

If this sounds daunting, you may wish to think again about doing the job yourself.  A professional auto body shop will make sure that air filtering equipment is in place to extract any dust from the area so that they can achieve the best  paint finish on your vehicle.

IPS Paint Supplies

If you’re still not sure about whether to get your spray job done with the professionals or to do it yourself, the team at IPS Paint Supplies can help with advice and guidance on all aspect of auto paint supplies as well as recommendations for professional body shops near you.

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