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Auto Body Shop Repairs – the Best Option Following a Car Accident

Auto Body

Annoying as they may be, minor car accidents happen every  day.  In addition to dealing with insurance matters, you will also want to get your vehicle’s body work back to its former glory.

It’s tempting to try to save costs by doing these repairs yourself but if you really care about your car, then the best option is to take to a professional auto body repair shop.  Importantly, what may, in the first instance, look like superficial exterior damage, could have also caused some damage to the interior too such as a jolt to the electrical system.  An auto body shop mechanic will be able to identify any additional issues very quickly, preventing issues and additional expenditure in the future.

Choosing an Auto Body Repair Shop

Like any business, you can get good and bad auto body repair shops.  That’s why it’s important to do your research before making a decision and handing your pride and joy over for repairs.

Things to look out for include:

  • The garage is properly equipped to handle collision damages
  • Mechanics are trained and have certificates to show their qualifications
  • Turn around times are reasonable (after all you don’t want your car hanging around in the repair shop for days on end)
  • The price is reasonable for the work required
  • The materials and paints they use come from a reputable supplier (such as IPS Paint)

You should also check the body shop’s online presence to see if they have positive reviews.  If they are not online, it may be that they have something to hide!

An Insurance Company Recommended Repair Shop

Another option is to use an insurance company-recommended auto repair shop.  Insurance companies tend to work with reputable garages for all sorts of repairs, including body and paint work.  It will also save you time (and maybe money) if you go with a company recommended by your insurers.   You may also save money as insurance companies will put a lot of work by the way of the their preferred auto repair shops and so are likely to offer them discounts.

What’s more, many insurance companies require their approved auto repair shops to guarantee their workmanship.  So, if there are any issues down the road, then the insurance company will be responsible for sorting it out.

Importantly, if there are any additional costs not identified at first, then the repair shop will deal directly with the insurance company to approve these extra costs.

Furthermore, by using a repair shop recommended by your insurance company, you may also benefit from car rental whilst your vehicle is being repaired.

Independent Paint Supplies

If you’re still not sure which route to take when it comes to getting the body of your car repaired, then why not ask a member of the IPS Paint team.  We deal with a huge number of auto repair garages across South Wales and we know which ones have a good reputation and which use quality materials and car paints.

Call us today on the number below or check out our full range of auto body repair products here :

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