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Aerosol Paints for Industrial Applications

If your cladding painting is starting to peel or fade, we can help.

Independent Paint Supplies is now a leading supplier of pre-mixed aerosol paints for all industrial applications, through our sub-brand, The Aerosol Expert.  There are many advantages of using aerosols for your industrial spray painting needs and our team of experts would like to share these with you to help you make the right choices.

Advantages of Industrial Aerosol Paints

  • Range of Applications: in addition to providing a fast and economical way to apply high quality paint coatings to a wide range of surfaces, aerosol paints also offer a high degree of control and uniform coverage on surfaces such as wood, metal, plastics and fibreglass.
  • Speed and efficiency: if you need to paint a large surface area such as a ceiling or roller door, industrial aerosol paints can cover a large area, very quickly. This can reduce the time it takes to do a job, minimising downtime for your business, as well as reducing the cost of the job.
  • Less waste: as the application of aerosol paints is used at a lower pressure and speed than large air compressors, then the amount of overspray and material wastage is vastly reduced.
  • Improved finish: aerosol spray paints give a smooth and even finish, which can withstand wear and tear as well as harmful corrosion. They are particularly effective on commercial roofs, shopfronts, cladding and other surfaces that require a tough, quick-drying paint.

Aerosol Paints from IPS Paint Supplies

The IPS Paint Supplies range of industrial, aerosol paints include RAL, British Standards and Pantone colours in a range of finishes from matt to full gloss.  They are easy to use, offer great coverage and are suitable for applications on all substrates.

These products are available on shelf or they can be mixed by our team of experts to your individual specification.

For more details call us on the number below and don’t forget, before applying paint to any surface it must be cleaned and prepared thoroughly in advance!

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